About Our Company

At Doug's Drywall we have the time, tools, and temperament to handle your drywall job with the utmost quality and professionalism. A large drywall repair or remodeling project can take a “do-it-yourself'er” several months worth of weekends, while a professional drywall contractor can come in and knock it out in a couple of days!

As a drywall company, we have the necessary tools such as stilts, automatic taping tools, scaffolding and texturing equipment to make quick and correct work of the project. Drywall painting and installation is a tedious, repetitive job when not done professionally. With the right tools and training, a professional can usually achieve their desired basic finish in only 2 steps.

Nor are our services limited to drywall. In addition to sheet rock repair, we can also perform more specific tasks like popcorn ceiling removal. Our crew will also be able to add drywall texture. You can learn more about our drywall company by contacting us at Doug's Drywall in Wetaskiwin, AB.


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  • Experienced and Professional
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